Four Major Categories of Senior Care Equipment

Senior care equipment is equipment that is designed to help people in their golden years or aging adults. Senior care is an ever-growing market and equipment manufacturers are becoming increasingly competitive. They are always looking for new innovative senior care equipment ideas that will make caring for senior citizens easier and more convenient.

senior care equipment


One area where medical equipment for senior citizens is especially needed is in the home medical equipment market. Many seniors do not wish to stay in a nursing home or long term care center. Many seniors also have no desire to travel to a new place to be treated for their medical problems. Living in their own house, they want to be able to keep most of their senior health care activities and retain as much of their independence as possible. Home medical equipment may include things like wheelchairs, medical scales, nursing chairs, and other specialized medical equipment that are useful for mobility and everyday living.

A geriatric care manager is a senior care professional who assists seniors in living as well as keeping them healthy. He or she helps them with such tasks as shopping for medical supplies, shopping for furniture and even helping with meal preparation. A geriatric care manager can be very helpful when it comes to seniors staying safe in their own home. Seniors can become very depressed if they feel they are out of control in their own home. The geriatric care manager can provide a lot of assistance in keeping senior citizens in their own home safely.

There is a big need for specialized senior care equipment because many seniors remain independent at old ages. They may be able to use a walker but that is about the limit. There are many different types of medical wheelchairs and other items that can be beneficial for those seniors who are not only physically capable but also mentally able. Wheelchairs for those with severe mobility problems are often called wheelchairs with armrests or even a joystick control to help the senior to remain independent.

There are also many different pieces of senior care equipment that are beneficial for use while a patient is in the hospital, such as hospital beds. Elderly people who may have trouble standing for long periods of time may benefit from hospital beds with grab bars that are positioned either at the end of the bed or at its top. Grab bars are beneficial because patients are less likely to slip out from under the weight of their own bodies. A hospital bed with grab bars is also more comfortable for the senior citizen who may spend several hours each day in the hospital.

Senior citizens who are unable to move around on their own are commonly known as "handicapped." Some senior care equipment makes moving around easier for these seniors. One example of this type of equipment is the hand lift wheelchair, sometimes called a "wheelchair stair lift." A hand lift or stair lift for a wheelchair can be purchased from a number of different places.

Medical wheelchairs and other advanced wheelchairs can be very valuable to senior citizens, because they allow many seniors to stay independent and capable of caring for themselves. Seniors who use walkers, canes, and other manual wheelchairs may need a grab bar or similar piece of equipment to help them remain comfortable. Grab bars are not only available for manual wheelchairs, but they are also available for power wheelchairs, as well. For those who are frequently in the hospital, medical wheelchairs are extremely valuable for their mobility and safety.

The final category of senior medical equipment is for home healthcare or personal care. Many people think of these items as simply supplies for personal hygiene. However, there are numerous products designed for personal care, including brushes, toothbrushes, washcloths, towels, robes, and more. The most common type of home healthcare items would include electric blankets, pillows, mattress covers, hearing aids, foot covers, bath mats, face masks, toilet seats, bath robes, bath sheets, wash cloths, toilet seats, armrests, leg rests, and more. There are also numerous products in this category that are designed for special needs individuals, such as those with diabetes, cerebral palsy, and other conditions.