Information Regarding Senior Care Equipment

Senior care is very different from other medical treatments that a person undergoes. It is the main reason why most senior citizens prefer to remain in their homes instead of going to hospitals or nursing homes. In addition, most senior home care services are funded through Medicare. Although a majority of the senior citizens prefer to remain at home, their safety should not be compromised just because they are unable to travel.

senior care equipment


There are many senior care services that can help you stay in your home if you cannot take care of yourself. Most of these companies offer both in-home and care services, and usually provide complete equipment and services for home care. These companies include home health care services, geriatric elder care services, and medical support services. Below are the types of senior care equipment commonly provided by most geriatric and home health care services:

A senior care equipment that makes staying in one's own home safer for seniors is the push wheelchair. This type of mobility aid is ideal for people who need assistance getting around the house. Its lightweight feature enables it to move quietly but easily, so there will be no fear of harming the senior. It also has hand controls that allow the caregiver to assist the senior in walking.

Another popular senior care equipment is the portable exercise wheelchairs. As the name suggests, this type of mobility aid enables its user to move around with precision. The design of this wheelchair includes three wheels and a platform. This platform can be used for several functions such as walking, jogging, or stair climbing. One great advantage of this type of mobility device is that it can be folded so that it can be stored in a small space. Portable exercise wheelchairs also have adjustable backrests that give the user a comfortable seating position.

A medical scooter is another popular senior care equipment. These are usually used by family members who need assistance moving the senior in and out of the house. Medical scooters are great for individuals who need assistance with their mobility due to physical ailments. They are also great for elderly individuals who experience knee problems. Seniors may also use these to travel to their relatives' homes or visit their doctor if they get sick. There are several brands available in the market.

Another type of senior care equipment used by caregivers is the mobility scooters. This is another piece of equipment that enables the user to move or travel by foot, can also be propelled using a wheelchair. They are mainly used by family members or other caregivers who live at different locations and provide the senior with daily companionship. The design of these wheelchairs is intended to provide ease of movement. Some of the popular brands include Bell, Stannah, Sunrise, and Optifast.

There are several types of senior care equipment that fall under the geriatric category. These include electric wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and power-assisted vertical platform lifts. The electric wheelchairs are designed to improve the senior's mobility and allow them to participate in more activities of daily living. There are many brands available in the market, including Power Source, Sunrise, and Stannah. For power wheelchairs, there are several manufacturers such as Sunrise Dental, Cushman, and Stannah.

Another important piece of senior care equipment for caregivers is the mobility lift. These are usually utilized in hospitals and long-term care facilities for those who experience severe mobility disabilities. The mobility lift helps in carrying patients from one room to another. There are several models available in the market today, including the Stannah Vertical Lift, Stannah Flyway Lift, and Bell Mobility System.