Senior Care Equipment: A Safer Choice

There are many senior care equipment and supplies companies in the United States. Each one specializes in a particular niche, which makes it easier for caregivers and seniors to find the products that they need. The more specialized a supplier is, the easier it is for them to work with and create a valuable resource for seniors. Here's a look at some of the types of items that make up this specialty market:

senior care equipment


These include all of the personal protective equipment that can be purchased for seniors and their caregivers. It is made out of durable medical grade material and is designed to resist a wide range of regular wear and tear. Some of these are essential pieces of safety products, like eyewear, hearing aids and mouth guards. A common type of this equipment includes prongs, finger guards and other forms of hooks, prongs and grab bars. They are required by law in all 50 states and are also often covered by personal injury protection insurance. Personal caregivers recommendations are provided for each product through their employers or other senior care professionals.

This is the largest segment of the senior care equipment market. There are many medical equipment suppliers that offer everything from insulin pumps to exercise equipment for those who need to maintain an active lifestyle. They also specialize in medical devices and supplies for many seniors. These include things like nebulizers, glucose meters, and CPAP machines.

This type of senior care equipment and supply company focuses on geriatric care and has a great deal of experience working with seniors. Their most popular items include wheelchairs and canes, mobility aids for those who have suffered injuries, and scooters for those who might have trouble walking. There is also geriatric care manager training equipment that helps caregivers train seniors on how to use various medical aids. They have training programs that are available in 15 different settings and geriatric care manager certification is required for most distributors.

This company sells and distributes a wide range of medical supplies, including cardiac and respiratory products like ventilators, defibrillators, and heart rate monitors. They offer many options for seniors including walkers, stair lifts, and the popular electric wheelchairs. Some of their most popular items include the hospital bed model folding care bed and geriatric care manager chairs. The hospital bed model folding care bed is designed to provide maximum comfort for seniors with limited mobility. It comes with a convenient carry case and is also compatible with most wheelchairs.

This company sells and distributes walkers, canes, and other items for seniors. They are well-known for providing senior citizens with the independence they need. Some of their most popular senior care products include the electric scooter and geriatric care manager chairs. The electric scooter allows your loved one to move around on his own when it's difficult for him or her to walk due to bad back or arthritis. The geriatric care manager chairs allow your senior to sit in a comfortable seat, communicate with you, and take occasional breaks from activity.

This company also sells and distributes hospital beds and other senior health care products like canes and stair lifts. Most of their products are designed to make the senior citizen independent. Many seniors prefer this kind of senior care because of the level of service and the personalized attention they receive. This is accomplished by offering an expert installation and monitored senior care plan. The expert installation ensures that the elderly patient is comfortable and safe. This is achieved by utilizing modern technology for such things as adjustable beds, elevators, and rails.

There are many senior homes in communities throughout the country. Many of these homes have a shortage of qualified caregivers for the elderly. This often means that seniors are left alone in their homes, which makes them vulnerable to safety and disease. This is why more seniors are turning to geriatric caregivers for assistance. These caregivers are trained in providing personal care and are insured by medical insurance. They have more skills and are better able to assist seniors in the comfort and security that only a loved one can provide.