Senior Care Supplies

If you are caring for an aging parent or other adult who needs assistance with daily living activities, you already know that senior care products and supplies are important to maintaining quality of life. Whether you're shopping for something to outfit the senior living in your home or buying items for the entire caregiving group, it's important to buy high-quality products that won't cause harm to the individual. Safety and well-being should be a top priority when buying senior care products. The last thing you want is for someone to develop an illness or injury from using the wrong product. Here are a few senior care products and supplies that are especially important:

senior care supplies


The most important senior care product out there for seniors is clothing. Even if they don't need a lot of clothing, many seniors require more than simple slip on shoes or tank tops. Seniors require clothing that can easily match their clothing, such as for dress pants, long pants, jeans, skirts, etc. They also need durable clothing that can withstand heavy use, especially from washing. Since the elderly are at risk for developing incontinence, purchasing incontinence clothing is a necessity.

Nursing uniforms are another important requirement for nursing assistants. While nursing assistants do not have to wear medical attire, they still need the proper attire to cover their nursing apparel. For example, a nursing assistant who is working in a doctor's office needs to look professional to avoid being seen as a patient. A nursing uniform is worn in these situations, so nursing assistants should purchase nursing uniforms that have pants, shirts, jackets, scrub pants, scrubs, etc. All of these nursing uniforms should have pockets and drawers for items such as pens, writing paper, medication pads, etc.

Seniors require other types of personal care as well. As we age, we become less active and our muscles and bones become weaker. For this reason, seniors require more help with bathing, dressing, taking medications, and even brushing their teeth. Dressing our elders can be difficult, but luckily there are a variety of options available.

Older adults are often at risk for osteoporosis. This condition causes the bones to become weak, causing bones to break easily, which can lead to fractures and injuries. To prevent osteoporosis, it is important that everyone has quality nursing apparel.

Seniors can also benefit from vision care products. Often vision problems develop as we age, which makes seeing things more difficult. There are many different eye care products available for seniors that can help maintain or improve the function of the eyes. Some of these include eyeglasses, contact lenses, and laser eye surgery. Many seniors require glasses to see the house, the grocery store, the ATM machine, etc. Other vision care products are also available that help those with bifocals and people who have trouble reading.

Another common product that seniors require special care of is wheelchairs. Wheelchairs are not cheap, but fortunately, many companies make wheelchair accessories. In order to have their wheelchair work properly, the user may need to change the batteries or even clean and oil the wheels. These products can be expensive, however, so it is important to make sure that all of our senior residents need them.

As you can see, our senior population is very diverse. As the baby-boomer generation ages, the demand for senior care products will increase. This will take care of our future seniors, giving them the tools to maintain their independence as they age. Hopefully this information has been helpful in your decision making as we provide our seniors with senior care supplies that will make their life more comfortable.